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The Chans
Hon Pui and Carol Chan have been running The Wok in Wellesley since 1978. The Chans came to America in 1973 from Hong Kong. Once they arrived, they worked in two famous Chinese restaurants in Cambridge at the time. Carol was a waitress at Aku Aku, while Pui bussed tables at Joyce Chen to pay for his college education. The great Joyce Chen, who was famous for her TV show and brand of cooking products at the time, took a liking to Pui. Joyce taught him how to select the freshest local ingredients and cook in her unique style.

In 1978, Carol and Pui went out on their own and opened The Wok. It was a tremendous success. Since then, The Wok has been opened for 30 years. On the occasions where Pui or Carol are not present, you will find their niece Anita managing. The Wok is a family business that we all take pride in.